We at Makesworth Accountants are delighted to announce that we have received the Eco-Friendly Website Accreditation for our company website.

Sanjay Sah the Director of Makesworth Accountants said:

“Being a responsible corporate citizen is very important to us at Makesworth Accountants as sustainability and our social impact is something we strongly advocate and support. This accreditation recognises our digital sustainability leadership by taking responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our website and maintaining a low-carbon threshold while we work towards a net zero economy.”

“In light of high carbon emissions from the internet and websites as contributors to this emissions, us at Makesworth Accountants are proud to be an organisation with a low carbon and eco-friendly website.”

About Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA)

The coming years will be a critical time for the state of the planet and human wellbeing, and every action matters in our journey towards net zero.

The internet, a seemingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life, has a significant carbon footprint, contributing to 3.7% of global emissions – more than the aviation industry. The internet’s energy consumption is alarmingly high, with the majority of it sourced from fossil fuels. Websites are a significant contributor to this consumption.

EFWA is an award-winning social enterprise with a vision to make a positive impact on the environment. EFWA’s mission is to create a greener internet by empowering website owners to take action and reduce their environmental impact.

With the goal of ‘one million eco-friendly websites by 2030,’ EFWA is dedicated to preventing carbon from entering the atmosphere unnecessarily and making a real difference in the fight against climate change, creating pathways to take responsibility, lead the way, championing digital sustainability.

EFWA has developed the world’s first eco standard for websites, and are helping websites all around the globe become more environmentally friendly. This standard, set by a scientific advisory board, ensures the integrity of the process and is subject to regular review and progression.

EFWA’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of a sustainable digital economy by helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions of their websites, digital platforms and infrastructure, creating a pathway towards climate positivity and the use of clean green energy — help them be part of the solution.

Let’s inspire and empower others to take responsibility and lead the way in digital sustainability. So if you’re ready to be part of the solution, we invite you to join hands with us and make a difference today!

To find out more about EFWA and to get your free audit please visit www.ecofriendlyweb.org