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About us &
Our Climate Journey

Sanjay conducted thorough research and subsequently initiated our Environmental Initiative in collaboration with Ecologi. He was particularly drawn to Ecologi's values and belief in the power of collective action, as reflected in their ethos of "Together we are stronger."

Ecologi was established with the aim of enabling individuals like yourself to actively combat the climate crisis. Sanjay was impressed by their philosophy of collective action and the fact that 85% of the funds received were allocated to supporting projects that benefit the planet. This led us to partner with Ecologi, and as a company, we committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or earlier

We acknowledge that achieving our environmental goals cannot be accomplished solely by ourselves. As a result, we opt to collaborate with trustworthy and reliable organizations that are at the forefront of their respective industries. Sanjay takes great care in researching and conversing with potential partners to guarantee that we are supporting ethical individuals who are engaged in meaningful work, and are doing so in a clear and fully auditable manner.

We’re proud
to partner with

  • UN Race to Zero
  • ICAEW Climate Champion
  • SME Climate Hub
  • Ecologi
  • Better Business Act

These global campaigns rally leadership and support from business, cities, regions and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon recovery that prevents future threats and creates decent jobs whilst unlocking sustainable growth.

B1G1: Business for Good (B1G1) is a social enterprise and non-profit organization that strives to foster a culture of philanthropy. B1G1 helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their social impact by integrating charitable activities into their routine business operations and creating unique stories of giving, as opposed to traditional charitable approaches. Through our partnership with B1G1, we have contributed to 64 different projects, resulting in 1,159,616 global giving impacts, with a goal of reaching 2 million by the end of this year. Our contributions have supported a wide range of initiatives, including water projects, educational programs, children's nutrition, access to sanitation facilities, vitamin supplements, healthcare services, and more. You can find a comprehensive list of our giving impacts on our website.https://makesworth.co.uk/our-global-impact

Our giving impacts to date




Our Leveraged Impacts


Achievements Made To Date

  • Becoming a climate positive workforce for the past Thirty six months
  • Reducing our Carbon by 141.3 tonnes
  • Planting 17,004 trees (our target is to achieve 20,000 trees planted by 2024)
  • Becoming a plastic-free champion
  • Better Futures + Net Zero Ready Business

By promoting our environmentally responsible approach to conducting business, we have not only enhanced our company's reputation, but also established ourselves as an ethical and climate-positive organization in the eyes of potential clients. As a result, we are now attracting like-minded clients who share our values and have taken similar stands on environmental issues. Consequently, we have seen a surge in the quality of clients who are interested in working with us, clients who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, and who are willing to recommend us to their own networks.

Our supply chain systems have also been positively affected as we choose suppliers who operate on similar ethics/principles.  We’re now proactively working to connect with more climate/eco-friendly suppliers for our office supplies

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented several measures to create a more eco-friendly and carbon-neutral office environment. Specifically, we have reduced our consumption of paper and plastic, and have strongly encouraged recycling among our staff. In addition, we have implemented the use of low-energy products to reduce our overall energy consumption. We have also increased incentives for electric car drivers and established a "Cycle to Work" scheme, which not only helps our staff improve their health and well-being but also fosters a sense of pride in contributing to our efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Sanjay has made sustainability and achieving net-zero emissions a collaborative effort involving the entire team. As a result, sustainability has become an integral part of our company culture. Our team regularly brainstorms ideas and suggestions to reduce our environmental impact, which has not only helped us tackle the climate crisis but also boosted staff morale. Sanjay has observed a marked increase in engagement, motivation, and productivity among the team. Furthermore, our efforts towards sustainability have yielded cost savings, increased profitability and turnover (by attracting higher quality clients who share our values), and garnered recognition from the local community for our work to date. In essence, our efforts towards sustainability have had a positive impact on both our business and the environment

Our Ecologi Badges

Keeping track of their climate contributions.